Lubrication is critical to increasing the life of the electric motor

As well as any equipment, the electric motor must also undergo periodic maintenance aimed at correcting the temperature elevation levels, excessive wear, lubrication of bearings and fan surveys to verify the correct entry of air into the electric motor.

Lubrication is essential for the electric motor to work with quality and for a longer time pc13 5012 a you find here. Not enough to lubricate the electric motor is essential that the amount of grease applied to the electric motor is right for the lubrication happen the right way.

To lubricate correctly an electric motor, the first tip is to find the right information in the instruction manual that has a lubrication chart. If the instruction manual omit this information, it is essential that the bearing is filled to half its empty space.

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Electric motor parallel field has its given power by the driver gauge

The DC electric motor receives classification according to the type of connection that their fields have. The DC electric motors are: composition engine (compound); Independent excitation motor; parallel field motor (shunt); series field motor; permanent magnet motor.

The parallel field of electric motor (shunt) the coils are connected in parallel to the armature, because they are responsible for forming several turns of thin wire to field motor hose reels. The engine power will be determined by the gauge of the driver and it must be able to withstand all the current that receive in parallel field.

The electric motor voltage parallel field will be limited by the supply voltage that is controlled and this will decrease the torque. For that engine to function, it is necessary that the equipment that will take the load is not full.

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