Elements used for protection

The fuse element consists of a kind of wire or blade, which can be formed from silver, tin, lead or alloy, which is properly inserted inside a body, which is often porcelain, and it must be hermetically sealed. They must have an indicator, which will allow verification whether the operation was performed or not. It is a wire connected in parallel with the fuse element and gradually releases a spring that will act on a kind of plate or button, or even a screw, which is usually attached to the cover of the body.

The fuses have in their interior, completely enveloping the element, a kind of granulated extinguishing material, and for this quartz sand of convenient granulometry is generally used. Therefore, the fuses are the elements most used for protection against a short circuit that can occur in electrical systems 9274-2180 8MGT-1440-36. Its operation is basically based on the fusion of the fuse element, inserted inside it. Thus, the fuse consists of a conductor that has a small cross section, which is exposed, due to its high resistance, a higher heating than the other conductors at the moment of current flow.

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