Insulating Elements used in Electric Machines

It should be remembered that the composition of two or more elements with insulating properties used in distinct electrical components is called an insulating system. In motors, the junction is based directly on a number of factors, such as insulation of the connecting and soldering cable, wire insulation enamel, groove bottom, groove closure insulation, insulation between phases and varnish or resin of impregnation. Any component or device that does not come into contact with the coil is not part of the insulation system Flexco 1360. The insulating material has the function of limiting, directing and preventing the flow of electrical currents.

Even if it is the main purpose of the insulation material to prevent the current flow of a conductor to earth or a potential considered lower, it also gives mechanical support, preserving the conductor of degradation generated by the environment and passing heat externally to the environment. Elements such as gases, solids and liquids are widely used in the insulation of electrical components and may vary according to the needs of the system. Insulation systems can interfere with the quality and performance of the equipment, the quality of the insulation, considering that its type directly influences the weight, cost and durability of the same.