Three Phase Induction

Electric machines that also operate as squirrel cage induction generators have a relevant element called a rotor, duly composed of conductive material bars that are located around the set of rotor plates, which are short-circuited by metal rings at the ends. An induction device, like a generator belonging to the same category, consists of two elements, which are the stator and the rotor. The space between the stator and the rotor washdown motors is called the air gap, considering that the stator refers directly to the static part and the rotor to the moving part.

Thus, the stator is formed from thin sheets of magnetic steel duly heat treated or silicon steel with the aim of minimizing losses by currents considered as parasites. The plates are shaped like a ring with internal grooves, which must be able to be inserted into the windings, which at the instant they are operating, can produce a magnetic field in the stator. Like the stator, the rotor is formed of thin sheets of thermally treated magnetic steel.